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Bill Champlin / Livin’ For Love

As you know, my original main website Adult Contemporary Music In Japan” was closed in 2019. And very recently, I have restarted to reconstruct the web contents with updated information at  Musseo as “Adult Contemporary Music In Japan Museum”.

And I just restarted to write some new reviews here again, this is very first one. Hope you enjoy!

I have just received my physical CD copy from Bill / Tamara Champlin today. Already more than 12 years passed since we had Bill’s solo album”No Place Left To Fall” in November 2008. Time flies literally. Needless to say, Bill Champlin has been continuously releasing his new materials under various projects such as Champlin Williams Friestedt and Bill Champlin & Wunderground, after leaving Chicago in the summer of 2009. Physical CD is available through Bill’s official web ( This is Bill’s solo album and not a Wunderground or Sons Of Champlin album, featuring 14 songs of deep materials and solid grooves; Bill explained.

According to certain source and Bill’s recent interview article, Japanese edition will follow with 2 bonus tracks... We will see.

Livin' For Love - Bill Champlin CD | website


Livin’ For Love

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all the musicians were obliged to stay home basically, live performance opportunities with certain numbers of spectators were very limited. Without saying, Bill was not exceptional in this regard; California was pretty much locked down. Irrespective of the fact that Bill Champlin was happy or not under such new norm circumstances, he had enough time to complete his first solo album “Livin’ For Love” in more than a decade since 2008 “No Place Left To Fall”, whilst Bill has been very energetic, releasing “Bleeing Secret” under the name of Bill Champlin and Wunderground in 2018 with Tamara and Gary Falcone, and with Joseph Williams and Peter Friestedt, “CWF2”, the second album of Champlin Williams Friestedt, was released in May 2020.

The strong album opener “Reason To Believe” was with the late George Hawkins Jr. on bass recorded when he was still living in Nashville, also featuring Bruce Gaitsch on guitar and keyboards and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. Bill had old Chicago gang, Jason Scheff on the track 4 “Show Me”, Jason shared the lead vocals with Bill on it. Greg Mathieson co-wrote and played keys on 3 songs; “Especially Me”, “Losin’ Ground” and “The Truth Has Begun”.
My personal favourite “Another Lie” is the song about Bill’s relationship with his eldest son before he passed away by esophageal cancer, very emotional song. Wunderground guy, Gary Falcone also contributed to this album too by co-writing “Hey” and “Love Lives On”.

Release : 22 January, 2021
Label: Wonderground Records / Imagen Records, USA (195269056469)

1. Reason To Believe
2. Especially Me
3. Livin’ For Love
4. Show Me
5. Another Lie
6. Hey
7. Alone
8. Love Lives On
9. Loosin’ Ground
10. A Stevie Song
11. Too Good For Too Long
12. Love Has No Heart
13. The Truth Has Begun
14. My Time

Producers: Bill Champlin, Bruce Gaitsch, Greg Mathieson, Carmen Grillo

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass

- Musicians -
Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch, Gary Falcone, Tal Morris, Carmen Grillo
Keyboards: Bruce Gaitsch, Greg Mathieson, Steve Porcaro
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Gordon Campbell, Alan Hertz
Bass: George Hawkins Jr., Jason Scheff, Abraham Laboriel
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Sax: Marc Russo
Lead Vocal: Jason Scheff (track 4)
Background Vocals: Tamara Champlin, Gary Falcone, Jason Scheff, Andreas Carlsson


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